The dodgy cowboy developers are destroying the whole Apartment market but lenders have to wear some of the responsibility for not demanding a higher working capital ratio and for knowingly providing funding to serial offenders.

There are many good developers & builders who construct well-built apartments using good quality safe building materials, workmanship, and finishes and if they wish to contact me on how to reinstate confidence in the OFF-THE-PLAN market by following my advice as to what to offer in their contracts then I will be pleased to advise honest and good builders on how to be first leaders in reform without needing restrictive legislation. I will need to consult with your legal eagles on how to set up new Contracts of Sale to help protect buyers etc

Expect to be charged fees for my time and will require developers to work with a local Sales & Marketing Strategist Peter Gianoli whom I will be able to work with to formulate a credible plan for those who are serious about providing a top product for purchasers.

I will be the type to scrutinize applicants a fair bit and if you have a poor record in the building game anywhere, please don’t waste my time.

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Business Introduction Agency helps busy business owners make contact with important people who can deliver you extra work on an ongoing basis. Some people chase politicians but that would be a big mistake and I’ll tell you why if you become my client. 

Many small businesses believe they only need to be on social media to gain good work but they are wrong and are missing out on some good contracts. Lots of decision-makers don’t have time to browse on social media and that’s where we come into your business, assess what you can do then go out and seek out opportunities building relationships over the longer term.

There is plenty of work and contracts available and we can help you find your niche and also form collaborative arrangements to benefit your business.

I have a proven record as an former Private Investigator & Public Trustee administrator in finding missing people (+ Assets) and missing information to help you gain more and better customers.


STRESS & ANXIETY KILLS many business owners when solutions could have been found to help solve problems. The banks have helped to give everyone a chance and now I’m able to offer some few business owners our awesome team of administrators who can help reduce the burden & stress by taking over Payroll & Admin functions while they concentrate on what they can do best.

Administration became harder with recent Court rulings from both the High & Federal Courts of Australia. In particular, I refer readers to the High Court ruling in the “Linkhill Case” and ruling after a protracted 5-year court case by a government authority lead to the Federal Court of Australia is an example of where Justice and the law had parted ways and why all employers need more protection.

Some new laws began in Victoria on 1st July which can send owners to jail for 25 years when you make a few mistakes and not only that, but the legal fees and stress of a public legal court case can be horrendous. Imagine the hungry media waiting outside your house or the courthouse eh? No one wants that and some people will even try set you up. I’ll tell you all about it.  

Anyway, that’s why I have can organise our awesome team to attend to all the administration while your sales team concentrates on bringing home the bacon.

  • Our team offer the following administration services: 
  • Payroll
  • ATO compliance and reconciliation
  • Tax advice
  • Admin
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Mentoring
  • Training
  • Systems and Processing
  • Reporting
  • Leadership meetings
  • Financial strategies
    Our team is young, vibrant, energetic and will help you contact real people to exponentially grow your business. If your in the building or allied areas we can help you there too. Call or txt 0407855224

TXT 0407 855 224 Email:


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  • Previous Career:
    ANZ Bank, Australian Eagle Insurance, State Insurance Office – Investments, Property & Lending,
    State Trustees – Estates & Trusts Mgt, Wills & Estates, Public Speaking. Searching for Missing People & Assets,
    Perin Court Project with the Sheriff’s Office
    Guardian Estates – Conveyancing.
    Former Private Investigator.
    Current Project: Social Housing Advisor & Consultant for people seeking to earn a secure income while feeling the satisfaction of being socially responsible.


    Pro Bono: Urging Australian Research Council & NH& MRC to refer 90% rejected applications to Philanthropists. Urging the $20 billion Capital in Medical Research Futures Fund be invested for current scientific research rather than into future. My interest is to speed up useful medical research by using all current financial resources instead of delaying into future years which is a very poor & lazy policy direction. When preparing you Will, the best charity is Medical Research with genuine researchers. Contact me for an opinion.

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