There are over 800,000 people receiving the DSP of about $440pw tax-free.  Some live in Public Housing, some live in private rentals and others may already own their homes or be living with relatives. Some of the 800,000 may wish to consider buying their own homes and this is now possible with the Victorian State Government providing a $20,000 housing grant which may permit the purchase of a house. Some liveable houses are available in the $100-150,000 range which will permit some DSP pensioners an opportunity to secure a long-term home they can control and also have a relative live-in to help pay for housing expenses such as rates and utilities without having their pensions cut.

We will lobby the political parties to reduce the impediments for people wanting to achieve private ownership and we may also be able to organise other assistance using new government initiatives to give you and them a better piece of mind.

These proposals may not suit everyone and certainly not for those who don’t have a discipline to controlling their money by proper budgeting. There are many community groups offering Budgeting courses for those more interested in improving their lifestyles and getting a home in a better locality. You should seek independent advice, however, we will offer the advantages of moving to greener pastures and outside your current comfort zones and give you examples of failures too.

We will be listing Houses For Sale in Townships in Victoria for consideration but we will also ask those who tried and eventually sold up to move back to the city for their opinions of the possible shortcomings.

If you have a poor credit rating, or gone bankrupt at some time then it’s very unlikely any bank will lend you money to buy a house, as bankruptcy is an immediate flag to any lender that a bankrupt is more likely not to pay back any loans agreement they enter into. Bankruptcy is a form of legal theft but lenders who do lend to bankrupts will only do so at very high-interest rates which will make purchasing too expensive an option in most cases, but you can check our opinions with the licenced experts who might have a different view. Purchasing your own property is not for everyone.